Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2012-2013 Curriculum

I wanted to share the planned curriculum with all of you so you can know what to expect!  The BLACK is for our Tuesday lesson and GREEN is for the sight words for my 4/5 year old class, the RED is for what my 3/4 year old class will be studying in place of sight words, and the BLUE is for our Thursday lesson.  So here is our tentative schedule but keep in mind that things may shift around a bit due to weather, unforseen circumstances, etc.!

Week 1 (Aug 20-23): Introduction to Alphabet/ I Know My Name

Week 2 (Aug 27-30): “A” is for Adam; We, Will; Rainbow/ “A” is for Apple
Week 3 (Sept 3-6 *No Monday school, meet on Friday): “B” is for Baptism; I, See, A; Red/”B” is for Bears
Week 4 (Sept 10-13): “C” is for Creation; Me, The; Orange/ “C” is for Castles (Knights and Princesses)
Week 5 (Sept 17-20): “D” is for Daniel; This, Is; Yellow/ “D” is for Dinosaurs
Week 6 (Sept 24-28): “E” is for Enoch; My; Green/”E” is for Earth
Week 7 (Oct 1-4): Alphabet Review A-E; Sight Word Review/Number or Color Review and “Show and Tell”
Week 8 (Oct 8-11): “F” is for Family; Not, At; Blue/”F” is for Feelings
Week 9 (Oct 15-18): “G” is for Golden Plates; Love, LovesPurple/”G” is for Garden
Week 10 (Oct 22-Oct 25): Halloween themed activities and School Halloween Party (Lunch will be served; no snack needed)
Week 11 (Oct 29-Nov 1): “H” is for Helaman’s Army; CanMixing Colors/”H” is for Habitats
 Week 12 (Nov 5-9 *No school Nov 6 so 4/5 year old class will meet Thur and Fri):   “I” is for I am a Child of God; AreRainbow Review/”I” is for Indians
Week 13 (Nov 12-15): “J” is for Jesus Died for Me; InColor Fun/Alphabet Review F-J; Sight Word Review and “Show and Tell”
Week 14 (Nov 19-20): We will be focusing on Thanksgiving themed educational activities; We will have a Thanksgiving Feast for lunch (no snack needed that day)!
**Nov 21-22: NO SCHOOL for Thanksgiving Break
Week 15 (Nov 26-29): “K” is for Keep the Commandments; HereIntro to Shapes“K” is for Kites
Week 16 (Dec 3-6): “L” is for Love One Another; GoSquare“L” is for Leaves
Week 17 (Dec 10-13):  “M” is for Miracles of Jesus; LikeTriangle/”M” is for Music
Week 18 (Dec 17-20): We will be focusing on Christmas themed educational activities; no snack needed on Dec 19th/20th
**NO SCHOOL from Dec 24-Jan 3rd
Week 19 (Jan 8-11 *NO Monday School, 3 yr olds meet on Wed/Friday) “N” is for Nephi; ThereCircle“N” is for Numbers
Week 20 (Jan 14-17): “O” is for Obey Your Parents; AndRectangle“O” is for Ocean
Week 21 (Jan 22-25 *No Monday school, meet on Friday): Alphabet Review K-O; Sight Word Review; Show and Tell/ Number or Color Review and Show and Tell
Week 22 (Jan 28-31): “P” is for Prophet; OnDiamond“P” is for Puzzles and Patterns
Week 23 (Feb 4-7): “Q” is for Queen Esther; ToOval“Q” is for Quarters (Money-We will also incorporate activities for President’s Day)
Week 24: (Feb 11-14): We will be focusing on Valentine’s themed Educational activities/ Valentine's Party (*Please bring one Valentine for each child in class On Wed or Thur) 
Week 25 (Feb 18-21): “R” is for Resurrection; YouShape Review/”R” is for Rhyming
Week 26 (Feb 25-28): “S” is for Samuel the Lamanite; Look1 and 2/”S” is for Dr. Seuss
Week 27 (Mar 4-7):“T” is for Tithing; Do3 and 4/”T” is for Taste/Touch and Our Other Senses
**NO SCHOOL week of March 11-14 for Spring Break
Week 28 (Mar 18-21): Alphabet Review P-T/ Sight Word Review and Show and Tell
Week 29 (Mar 25-28):We will be focusing on Easter themed Educational Activities/Easter Party (please provide 10 stuffed eggs on Wed or Thur)
Week 30 (Apr 1-4):“U” is for Utah Pioneers; Was5 and 6“U” is for USA
Week 31 (Apr 8-11):“V” is for The First Vision; For7 and 8/”V” is for Volcanoes
Week 32 (Apr 15-18): “W” is for Jonah and the Whale; Said9 and 10/”W” is for Water
Week 33 (Apr 22-25): “X” is for Ammon’s eXample; Give1-10“X” is for Exercise
Week 34 (Apr 29- May 2):  “Y” is for Alma the Younger; WithAdding/”Y” is for You!! (We will be completing “All About Me” books)
Week 35 (May 6-9):  “Z” is for Zion/"Z" is for Zoo; Mother’s Day Gifts
Week 36 (May 13-16): Alphabet Review U-Z; Sight Word Review; Practice for End of Year Program/End of Year Program **Parents invited from 11-12


Welcome!  I am going to use this blog to keep parents updated on the progress and curriculum of my Preschool.    I will also use this blog to post pictures and "things we did this week" during the school year.  I am starting Preschool the week after APS schools start, so our first day will be August 20th/21st.  I will end Preschool the week before APS schools ends, so May 15th/16th will be our last day.  If APS schools are cancelled then we will also cancel (for weather, etc.)!  For my 3/4 year old class: there are a couple of weeks where schools are closed on Monday's so we will be having school on Wednesday and Friday of those weeks.  I am really excited to share my curriculum with you and if you have ANY questions just leave me a comment here or feel free to call me, or better yet, email me!