Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Welcome!  I am going to use this blog to keep parents updated on the progress and curriculum of my Preschool.    I will also use this blog to post pictures and "things we did this week" during the school year.  I am starting Preschool the week after APS schools start, so our first day will be August 20th/21st.  I will end Preschool the week before APS schools ends, so May 15th/16th will be our last day.  If APS schools are cancelled then we will also cancel (for weather, etc.)!  For my 3/4 year old class: there are a couple of weeks where schools are closed on Monday's so we will be having school on Wednesday and Friday of those weeks.  I am really excited to share my curriculum with you and if you have ANY questions just leave me a comment here or feel free to call me, or better yet, email me!

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